fail-fast object destructuring

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Wed Jun 27 07:10:43 PDT 2012

> Ultimately, I'd like to have both:
> - irrefutable matching:
> - refutable matching:
> One is a syntactic convenience for selection only, the other
> for selection plus structural tests (actually: behavioral interface
> tests, see below). Both have their uses.
> This suggests having pattern syntax modifiers for indicating 
> refutable or irrefutable matching, and deciding which of the 
> two is likely to be more common (and thus to be the default 
> for patterns without modifiers).

Assuming, for this discussion, that '!' marks a refutable pattern,
while unmarked patterns remain irrefutable by default, we could 
then keep
    let {foo: myFoo} = {a:0,b:1};

as a shorthand for

    let myFoo = {a:0,b:1}.foo;

while writing

    let !{foo: myFoo} = {a:0,b:1};

as a shorthand for something like

    switch ({a:0,b:1}) {
    match {foo: myFoo}:
        throw "match failure"

This kind of interface check with early failure is a weaker, but still
useful, form of the compile-time check in module imports. Compare

    let !{foo: myFoo} = {a:0,b:1};


    import {foo: myFoo} from ToModule({a:0,b:1}); // is this permitted?

If the latter is not permitted, the former at least allows for declarative
interface specification and early failure, if the export interface of a 
dynamic module does not match the intended import interface.

If the latter is permitted, why not allow a similar check for non-Module 
objects, using let '!pattern = object'?

> That would also make pattern semantics more uniform, instead
> of selecting refutable or irrefutable semantics based on context
> (switch/match or other).

Apart from module imports and pattern matching, there is another
question/relation to consider:

- refutable "structure" matches are a form of type guards,
    which are another strawman for ES.future; if type guards
    are not limited to switch/match statements, why should
    refutable patterns be?



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