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Wed Jun 27 02:59:33 PDT 2012

Le 27/06/2012 01:48, Wes Garland a écrit :
>     What I find bad (1) is the need of VMs, let's take node.js's one,
>     it's calling c++ stuff, calling itself js's stuff, and at the end
>     things are coming back to js (with some imperfections like
>     node.js's VM not binding things correctly in some cases)
> Can you explain this in more detail?  I don't really understand what 
> you're getting at .
It's a paradox for me, we should be able to handle "VMs" as something 
builtin without having to do plenty of clone manipulations, using fake 
or temporary globals, using tricks to reproduce the bindings, extracting 
and processing stuff from the code to execute, freezing things etc... I 
give some examples in the gist link I have provided (node, cajaVM, 
shadow), in the case of node it's even more strange since VM is a c++ 
module that is internally using js, it's not a critic, that's the way it 
is, but again we should be able to handle this more simply in js

Regarding modules, I can not believe I am the only one to want to load 
scripts (and not modules) as I described, so I can load and execute them 
when and where I want, again example in the gist, modules/scripts are 

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