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Tue Jun 26 15:36:35 PDT 2012

Le 26/06/2012 20:54, Isaac Schlueter a écrit :
> The linked blog post is a very rough cut of where my thoughts are on
> the subject.  Expect changes and cleanup.  It does not represent a
> fully-baked (or even half-baked) idea, but more like a general
> direction.
> I expect to clean it up and propose something at least half-baked to
> this list soon, incorporating some of the feedback that I've gotten
> from that blog post.
> If we can focus what we do on the things that are very
> essential to what we need, we can probably beat those odds :)
Regarding modules I don't know right now what would be the best in terms 
of syntax.

Node.js's way is good, except the "transitive dependency issue" 
mentioned  in your post which in some cases indeed can cause problems.

I had some hard time to get used to this commonjs/node.js way of 
separating modules which can not interact between each others, but now I 
don't find it bad (even good).

What I find bad (1) is the need of VMs, let's take node.js's one, it's 
calling c++ stuff, calling itself js's stuff, and at the end things are 
coming back to js (with some imperfections like node.js's VM not binding 
things correctly in some cases)

And what I find bad (2) is that the fact that a module could be a normal 
web js code (ie not a module, the web is composed of js code, not 
modules) seems to be minimized, and (3)  why should we continue to load 
cross-domain scripts via the <script ..> tag using onload to get the 
result (normal browsers) or onreadystatechange (abnormal browser) and 
then process it via global variables ? Using xhr for example (var 
code=xhr_result(xxx);eval(code)), this breaks the same origin policy but 
it's already broken by the capability of inserting scripts (then I am 
not sure about your proposal "In Web Browsers" with <script..>).

And what I find bad (4) is the impossibility of wrapping things as I 
describe here (maybe impossible, but at 
least it shows the idea, and the need) instead of being forced to 
transform js code into modules and play with globals, bindings and clone 

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