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Kevin Smith khs4473 at
Tue Jun 26 13:45:44 PDT 2012

Hi Isaac,

I share some of your concerns as well.  I like the idea of "import" just
returning an object, which can be destructured using let.  I also like the
idea of eliminating the "import *" syntax.  However, I think that dynamic
exports ("export <expression>") might not be as useful as it seems.

In my modules, I use the "export <expression>" form for the following

1.  When I want to export a single function (perhaps a constructor), and I
don't want importers to unnecessarily repeat the function name:

    var MyClass = require("MyClass").MyClass; // Boo!
    var MyClass = require("MyClass"); // Better!

2.  When I want to rename an export:

    function shortName() { ... }

    module.exports = { longName: shortName };

3.  When I want to group together the exported API, instead of having it
spread across the file:

    function A() { ... }
    function B() { ... }
    function C() { ... }

    module.exports = { A: A, B: B, C: C };

For case 1, destructuring allows us to eliminate the repetition:

    let { MyClass } = import "MyClass.js";

A static multiple export syntax ("export { ... }") would work just fine for
cases 2 and 3:

    export {
      longName: shortName,

Are there any other cases where dynamic exports are useful?

- Kevin
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