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Tue Jun 26 07:42:27 PDT 2012

Starting a new thread in order not to interfer but it is related (as far 
as I understood modules implementation is let to the appreciation of 
people that will develop it).

See https://gist.github.com/2995641

Since everybody is spending his time to wrap and try to separate things 
while trying to insure at the same time bindings to the global or to a 
"new" global, maybe it would be good to have a built-in structure for 
that, this suggestion is an example and a compromise with the concept of 
modules's complete separation which is not always easy to manipulate and 
does not really allow to use directly as such frameworks not designed as 

Le 26/06/2012 06:24, James Burke a écrit :
> Posted here:
> http://tagneto.blogspot.ca/2012/06/es-modules-suggestions-for-improvement.html
> Some of it is a retread of earlier feedback, but some of it may have
> been lost in my poor communication style. I did this as a post instead
> of inline feedback since it is long, it has lots of hyperlinks and it
> was also meant for outside es-discuss consumption.
> I am not expecting a response as it should mostly be a retread, maybe
> just phrased differently. Just passing along the link in the interest
> of full disclosure, maybe the rephrasing helps understand the earlier
> feedback.
> James
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