Decoupling [ ] and Property Access and the DOM (Was: Why not NodeList#forEach :\?)

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Hoping to see that day soon! :)

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> > Actual API "design" is probably an orthogonal issue.  What the "Object
> Model Reformation" proposal (which is probably better understood by its
> subtitle "Decoupling [ ] and Property Access") does is permit the existing
> behavior of DOM collections to be directly expressed in JavaScript without
> having having to resort to host object magic.  It supports the general
> principle of: If the DOM needs to do it then it should be doable in pure
> JavaScript.  There are lots of reasons why for some objects it makes sense
> for "indexed access" to have different semantics than "property access".
>  The DOM does this today. In an improved DOM API design it will probably
> also be the case.  The Object Model Reformation provides a semantic basis
> for designing such improved APIs rather than just making up host object
> magic that has no foundation in core JavaScript semantics.
> I'm a big fan of your proposal but it is unfortunately not sufficient
> to express the current DOM. People do depend on MemberExpression too.
> For example:
> document.forms[0].bar instead of document.forms[0]['bar']
> instead of frames['foo']
> One thing we could do once/if the object model reformation is
> implemented is to rename the current indexed and named properties in
> WebIDL to LegacyIndexed and LegacyNamed and mandate that new
> interfaces only use MemberLookup (square bracket lookup).
> Still, I wonder if we don't need an alternative way to implement
> indexed and named attributes from WebIDL to compatible with the web as
> is its.
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