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Changes from May TC39 Review

Tentative addition of Class Definitions Syntax and Semantics in 13.5 based upon Maximally Minimal Strawman. NOTE-Classes do not yet have full consensus within TC39 and may not survive.
11.1.5 make super references illegal in method definitions within object literals
removed <| and TriangleLiterals
reverted methods to only have bracketed function bodies rather than concise bodies
Removed Object.isObject
Removed String.prototype.toArray
Eliminated requirement for buggy daylight savings time adjustment
Other changes

5.1.1 , 5.2 Defined “chain production” and implicit algorithm pass through for chain productions. Eliminated unnecessary pass through algorithms
Eliminate final remnants of ES1 line number references within algorithm conventions
Moved Literal from lexical to syntactic grammar
Updated keywords list
10.1.2 /10.4 introduce concept of non-ECMAScript functions and execution contexts for them tweaks to Array Comprehension syntax
made it an early error to use a reserved word as a single identifier property definition shorthand
added default value initializers to internal elements and properties of destructuring assignment patterns
corrected major case statement semantic bug from ES5.1
made YieldExpressions illegal in parameter default value initializers
made home object binding of methods contingent upon them actually referencing super
added [[ThisMode]] internal property to functions via FunctionCreate to deal with lexical this binding in arrow functions
made super references and yield expressions early errors in ProgramBody
In Math.sign clarified handling of -0
Added String.prototype HTML wrapping functions to Annex B
Merged ES5.2 Annex F into Annex D&E
Made Annex F an Informative Summary of Static Semantic algorithms
Fixed bugs 340,351-354,356,358-361,364-367,369-376,378-380,382,384-38

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