||= is much needed?

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Thu Jun 14 16:38:32 PDT 2012


I put Rick's answer below too, in strict/correct code it can be used but 
what examples (except yours) ?

Maybe I missed it, never saw the use of null since a long time, but I 
can be wrong

Do you think it does worth the complexity for the operators we are 
talking about ? w3c is forced to define something as null, would look 
strange and not serious to define it as undefined in specs, but in 
reality this is let to the appreciation of developers (who usually don't 
care), and for comparisons/default, null will, I think, never be used, 
then it should probably behave the same as undefined

Le 15/06/2012 01:12, Tab Atkins Jr. a écrit :
> On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 4:06 PM, Aymeric Vitte<vitteaymeric at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Nobody (except w3c) is using null, or when someone is using it, it is the
>> same way as undefined, and it is not explicit (ie a||b or a==b, not
>> a===null), I remind some old code where we could see the use of null but can
>> not find a single example of recent code, then the new operator(s) should
>> treat it the same way I believe, the problem is 0 here
> Your experience isn't necessarily universal.  I've used null before to
> mean something different than undefined.
> ~TJ

There doesn't need to be an explicit check for undefined - anytime null 
is used as an intentional place holder and its value would be 
  _otherwise_ undefined counts as well.

And for your information, I am not w3c and I use null frequently (the 
same way w3c uses it).

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