Rest parameter syntax

Brendan Eich brendan at
Tue Jun 12 12:16:22 PDT 2012

Rick Waldron wrote:
> The context of my question assumed there was a desire to avoid the 
> complexity and that the discussion had already reached consensus on 
> only allowing rest params at the end of a formal parameter list.

That's the safe play for ES6, which must be prototyped and drafted this 
year, pretty much limiting new complexity.

As noted in the other thread, we're now talking about a pattern language 
for matching (refutably or irrefutably), which was proposed last year:

Happy to use es-discuss to work out something richer than ES6 
rest-only-at-end. I write this not to nag anyone, just to make my own 
position clear in case it sounded like I was against the idea of richer 
patterns than rest and destructuring as currently proposed or drafted. 
I'm not! Let's discuss.


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