Error stack

Charles Kendrick charles at
Mon Jun 11 16:36:44 PDT 2012

> Your point about not violating "use strict" or elaborating too much is good,
> but I want to push back on one thing: local vars may be a bridge too far,
> especially with optimizing JITs, block-scoped let bindings, etc. Making
> arguments available is easier.

I definitely recognize that making local vars available is
different-in-kind from making function arguments available.  However I
would ideally like to see it mentioned in the spec with "recommended
but not required" wording.

However what about receivers / "this" value?  That seems to me to be
more in the realm of function arguments, and reasonable to require.
As I mentioned previously, this is available from Chrome's
JavaScriptStackTrace API, but not for a function defined with "use

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