Error stack

David Herman dherman at
Thu Jun 7 20:28:34 PDT 2012

> I wrote a new strawman for Error stack which is now available in some
> form in all major browser (if betas are considered).

Thanks for writing this up. I left a couple comments on the strawman, but I should just respond here.

- I'm in favor of trying to come up with a common format as much as possible, so that programs that manipulate stack traces can be written once and don't have to build compatibility layers like

- But we should be careful not to overspecify in ways that constrain optimizations. Despite the fact that we usually err on the side of full specification, this is actually one place where I think we can and should avoid it. The Chrome stackTraceLimit idea is interesting, but does V8 actually promise never to inline within the most recent n frames?

- You mentioned that compatibility requires error.stack to be a string, even though programs would really like to have a structured version. Should we offer a different property with structured stack frame info (probably with a getter to allow straight-forward lazy construction), called error.stackFrames or error.stackEntries or something?


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