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- fat arrow : I am not a fan of the syntax but it is usefull and does 
fix the unlogical behavior of |this| (the rules are the same for the 
|this| binding, it does not change except that you must apply it to the 
surrounding environment), the thin arrow (as soft binding's use I 
suppose) looks to be a concern of jquery people only
- Object.extend : too complicate if we see all the discussions around it 
(Put/defineProperty), should be replaced maybe by an 
Object.make(proto,props) or even an Object.clone
- Existential operator : good idea, I thought (maybe wrongly) that 
undefined.a should be undefined (then undefined.a.b.c is undefined), we 
encounter it everyday, the ?? proposal does not fix everything, now the 
case we can think about is when you load an API which loads scripts that 
are loading others asynchronously. Then you can never know when you 
api.a.b.c (or one of them) will be available, then you do :

if (typeof(api)=="undefined") {try later} else if 
(typeof(api.a)=="undefined") {try later} else if 
(typeof(api.a.b)=="undefined") {try later} else if (etc...)

instead of :

if (typeof(api.a.b.c)=="undefined") {try later} else {do the job}  or if 
(!api.a.b.c) {try later} else {do the job}

Le 07/06/2012 22:27, Anton Kovalyov a écrit :
> Hi,
> When Angus first published his blog post some people got the 
> impression that we're trying to either discredit TC39 and its efforts, 
> or to replace it with our own committee. We value TC39 and feel like 
> they are doing a great job and we have absolutely no interest in 
> starting another committee or writing our own JavaScript spec. The 
> goal of JSFixed was to collect feedback from interested developers and 
> present it as a list of recommendations. And today we're publishing 
> the first such 
> document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JPErnYlBPG26chTuVSnJ_jqW4YkiQhvWn-FxwwsmkEo/edit
> We hope that both the committee members and outsiders will find this 
> document useful. Let us know (here, on Twitter or on Github) if you 
> have any questions or comments.
> Thanks,
> Anton
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