Internationalization: Issues with upgrading to UTS 35 version 21

Gillam, Richard gillam at
Thu Jul 19 12:23:14 PDT 2012


> It's a bit late to add any special handling for these new keys and values to edition 1 of the Internationalization API Specification. I propose that for edition 1 we declare them unsupported:
> 1) Add "kr" to the list of "not allowed" values in the NOTE in section 10.2.3.
> 2) For "native", "traditio", and "finance", add a sentence "The array that is the value of the 'nu' property of any locale property of [[localeData]] must not include the values 'native', 'traditio', or 'finance'." to the description of [[localeData]] in section 11.2.3.
> We can then discuss better solutions for edition 2 of the spec.
> Comments?

Sounds like the right answer to me.

--Rich Gillam

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