Internationalization: Issues with upgrading to UTS 35 version 21

Norbert Lindenberg ecmascript at
Thu Jul 19 10:15:21 PDT 2012

The draft ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification [1] currently references  Unicode Technical Standard 35, Unicode Locale Data Markup Language, version 2.0.1 or successor.

In order to get rid of the table of numbering systems in section 11.3.2, and to obtain up-to-date information about numbering systems from the BCP 47 Unicode Locale Extension registry, we'll have to upgrade to a later version of UTS 35, likely version 22.

UTS 35 version 21 [2] introduced some new features that create issues for the ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification:

1) For collation, there's a new key "kr", reordering. This key is followed by a sequence of subtags, something that the ResolveLocale abstract operation (section 9.2.5) is currently not prepared to handle.

2) For number formatting, there are new numbering systems "native", "traditio", and "finance". These are not mentioned in section 3 of UTS 35 (the official reference for Unicode Locale Extension information), but show up in section 5.10 as well as in the bcp47 data files [3]. They are convenient for requests, but seem inappropriate as identifiers, because they map to existing numbering system identifiers such as "latn" or "jpanfin" depending on the language tag they're attached to. I think the correct way of handling them in the Internationalization API would be to accept them as input, but canonicalize them to actual numbering system identifiers for format() and resolvedOptions().

It's a bit late to add any special handling for these new keys and values to edition 1 of the Internationalization API Specification. I propose that for edition 1 we declare them unsupported:

1) Add "kr" to the list of "not allowed" values in the NOTE in section 10.2.3.

2) For "native", "traditio", and "finance", add a sentence "The array that is the value of the 'nu' property of any locale property of [[localeData]] must not include the values 'native', 'traditio', or 'finance'." to the description of [[localeData]] in section 11.2.3.

We can then discuss better solutions for edition 2 of the spec.




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