Internationalization: Sync'ing with CLDR on date element names

Norbert Lindenberg ecmascript at
Tue Jul 17 12:03:06 PDT 2012

John Emmons has provided the following comment on the date and time format component names used in Intl.DateTimeFormat objects:

> Since the spec states that CLDR data is the recommended source for
> implementation, I would proposed that the allowed values in Table 3, Section
> be modified to be identical with the names in CLDR, so that there is
> no confusion, and that if CLDR were to add additional lengths over time, we
> could do so with no confusion for implementers.  Also, examples from English
> would be helpful here.  I would propose changing as follows:
> ( conforming to the upcoming CLDR 22 release )
> Weekday - ( wide (Sunday) - abbreviated (Sun) - Short (Su) - Narrow (S) )
> Era - wide - abbreviated - narrow
> Month - "2-digit", "numeric", "wide", "abbreviated", "narrow"

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