Arrow functions as methods

Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed Jul 11 23:02:35 PDT 2012

Gordon Brander wrote:
> I noticed an alternative solution to this problem in the ES Wiki:  (see "optional leading `this` initializer"). As I understand it, that would give us some sort of special delimiter for specifying a soft-bound `this` context on a thin-arrow, e.g. in pseudo-code:
> 	foo(o | a, b)
> ...or some-such.

That syntax was for expressions and definitions of functions, not for 
calls. The idea was to enable parameter default values for |this|. It 
won't do what Irakli wants.

Soft-bind is not going to fly, see,, and 

Implicitly shifting |this| in call expressions to the front of the 
actual argument list is similarly painful in overhead for implementors, 
besides making the dynamic "two args, or only one?" hazard depending on 
how a callee called from a polymorphic site happened to be expressed.

What Python does is a bit different:

is, arg)

not just

foo(obj, arg)

for some identifier-expression 'foo'. But this depends on classes in 
Python, which are not in any way analogous to => function expressions.


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