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Tue Jul 10 04:36:37 PDT 2012

I have given some examples, surprising that nobody else reacts with 
other examples. One of the use could be to be able to do the very simple 
thing :

var f=function() {

     var a={};

     var cb=function(code) {System.eval(code);console.log(a.b)};,cb);
         //url's code --> a.b='b';

Where System.eval does a simple eval if url is not a module.

Or something like that, why do we have the eval(src) possibility in the 
proposal if we can not fetch src ?

Le 10/07/2012 01:48, Aymeric Vitte a écrit :
> Le 10/07/2012 01:18, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt a écrit :
>> On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 7:04 PM, Aymeric Vitte<vitteaymeric at>  wrote:
>>> I would like to have the final word on that one.
>>> If the answer is that it is not possible because of the same origine policy,
>>> then it is not difficult to show that this policy can be broken already, by
>>> some "manipulations", then it's better to have something clean.
>> The same-origin policy is not the responsibility of TC39, and more
>> importantly it's not something that I can speak with the requisite
>> authority about.  Adding a convenience for fetching data using the
>> current fetch hooks of loaders is a possibility, but I don't want to
>> add more conveniences before it's clear they're useful.

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