New ES6 spec draft

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Sun Jul 8 18:34:58 PDT 2012

Rev9 (July 8, 2012) of the ES6 Draft Specification is now available at 

Changes in this version include:
 Quasi literal added to specification
Initial work at defining tail call semantics (still need to define tail positions in 13.7)
Initial pass at replacing native/host object terminology with ordinary/exotic objects
Clause 6 and others updated to clarify processing of full Unicode source code. Revised usage of “code unit” and “code point”
Specification of Identifiers updated to use current Unicode specification devices
\u{nnnnnn} Unicode code point escapes added
UTF-16 encoding for non-BMP characters in string literals now fully specified
Added functions: String.fromCodePoint, String.raw (a quasi tag function), String.prototype.codePointAt
ECMAScript now requires use of Unicode 5.1.0, normative references updated
A syntactic grammar notation was added for indicating when alternative lexical goals are required
Fixed ES5 missing explicitly setting length in several array functions
Fixed bugs: 368, 388-399, 402-405, 410-413, 415-416,418, 420-428, 430-439, 445-456,458-461 (thanks very much for all the bug reports)
Please report bugs you find at
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