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I recall in the past having numerous issues with modal dialogs causing unexpected js execution in most engines at least in some edge cases, showModalDialog probably also manages to do it quite effectively.

Basically anytime the engine needs to pump the event loop without allowing any kind of js execution requires the engine to jump through hoops to prevent even handlers.  I recall alert(...) with a background asynch xhr being able to trigger such things in the past.


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> Ok, here's the relevant blog post I mentioned writing: blog.avd.io/posts/js-green-threads <http://blog.avd.io/posts/js-green-threads> . You can discuss / give feedback here or on HackerNews: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4203749 .
> Seems like a bug in Firefox, a violation of HTML5 even. The slow script dialog should not allow an event loop to nest. Cc'ing Boris for his opinion (this may be a known bug on file, my memory dims with age).
> Yes, this is a problem for Caja, and I'm still undecided how to solve it.  The slow script dialog can fire at any time; in particular, it can fire when some data structure is in an inconsistent state, and then an event handler firing at the same time might be able to take advantage of that inconsistent state.
> "It's a bug in Firefox" seems like the most straightforward answer.
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