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David Bruant bruant.d at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 05:17:30 PDT 2012

Le 05/07/2012 13:36, Patrik Stutz a écrit :
> For any features to be added to the language, nothing is really about 
> opinion. It all start with use cases.
> Could you show something that 'delay' enables that is not possible 
> currently?
> Yes, I can. The reason and main use case why I'm requesting delay is, 
> that I want be able to run node.js modules in the browser without any 
> modification or trickery. I want be able to make a require function 
> that is synchronous but does not block.
Maybe that your use case demands a different module system than a new 
language-level concurrency construct. Have you heard about the module 
proposal? More interestingly, have you read Isaacs' recent post on the 
topic? http://blog.izs.me/post/25906678790/on-es-6-modules
I particularly recommend reading the "Next..." section at the end.

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