Static Module Resolution

Aymeric Vitte vitteaymeric at
Wed Jul 4 07:08:53 PDT 2012

It's confusing maybe because what I am requesting is very very basic 
compared to modules/loader complexity and maybe I did mix it with an 
example not so basic.

I just want something that loads the code and then I decide what to do 
with it. Indeed on browser's side it would be like a cross-domain xhr, 
this does not exist but since modules will exist into browsers too, why 
not including this possibility ?

You are right, System.load("ewa.js", ...) would work, I did not say the 
contrary but to make it work I need to define 'window' and 'document' as 
global vars, I don't like it a lot if I care about separating contexts 
and then I have a problem if I want to have several 'window' and 
'document', and I have to use a callback (I know everything is based on 
async but in some cases it's quite complicate to handle, then if things 
can be sync that's not a bad thing)

Simply, something like :

     var window=window1;
     eval(code); //or whatever I like to do

     var window=window2;
     eval(code); //or whatever I like to do

Le 04/07/2012 15:39, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt a écrit :
> I'm slightly confused about what you want here. If you just want the 
> ability to download code, and then eval it using the loader mechanism, 
> that's already there -- just use XHR to get the code, and then call 
> `System.eval(...)`. If you want the ability to fetch the source the 
> way that the loader would do it, and then not actually *load* the 
> code, we could potentially add that, but it's tricky for recursive 
> cases -- would you want all the relevant code, or just the specified 
> module? Or do you want something else than this? Finally, I don't see 
> why your example doesn't work exactly as: document.onload(function() { 
> System.load("ewa.js", ...); }) 

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