Static Module Resolution

Kevin Smith khs4473 at
Sun Jul 1 04:31:08 PDT 2012

> So as Dave said, you'd probably need an explicit import-side distinction
> to differentiate.

Like just using good-ol' require instead of import?  : )

Ideally, the interop solution would make upgrading to ES6 module syntax
transparent on the import side.  But that's going to require dynamic
modules (or perhaps some kind of static/dynamic hybrid).

It seems that we're in a situation where either interop or "static-ness"
are going to suffer.  Isaac, as a Node developer and architect, what is
your take on this situation?

Note that the same trade-off exists on the browser-side.
 "Forward-compatible" modules on the client are going to necessitate
dynamic modules as well.  James, what is your take?

- Kevin
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