block scope + direct non-strict eval

Brendan Eich brendan at
Tue Jan 31 10:22:26 PST 2012

> Allen Wirfs-Brock <mailto:allen at>
> January 31, 2012 9:20 AM
> But it's an issue that I'ver been thinking about since the last meeting.
> The basic difference between non-strict direct eval and strict direct 
> eval is that strict creates a new nested environment contour that is 
> used as both the VariableEnvironement and LexicalEnvironment while 
> non-strict uses the currently active Variable/Lexical environment.
> It there are two possible semantics for non-strict eval with lexical 
> declaration that I have come up with are:
> 1) same as ES5, it currents it uses/extends the current Variable and 
> Lexical Environments
>  function f() {
>    // variable environment
>    function xVarEnv() {return x}
>    {
>       //lexical environment
>       print(xVarEnv());  //should be: undefined
>       eval("var x=1");    //create in the variable environment
>       print(xVarEnv());  //should be: 1
>       eval("let x=2");     //create in the lexical environment
>       eval("print(x)")     //should be: 2
>       print(x);                 //should be: 2
>       print(xVarEnv()); //should be: 1
>    }
>    print(xVarEnv()); //should be: 1
> )
> (note that the most interesting example have an inner block)


I don't like this because we make a pre-strict variation on 'let' that 
perpetuates the dynamic scope injection flaw in eval, whereby it can 
pollute its caller's scope with fresh bindings. This is just evil and I 
wish we'd never standardized it in ES1 for 'var'. I see no good coming 
from extending it to 'let' and 'const'.

And 'function' in block? That's a different case again because it 
wouldn't hoist. Indeed direct eval('function f(){...}') in non-strict 
code is analogous to the SpiderMonkey conditionally-compiled, 
dynamically-bound function in sub-statement pre-ES3 extension we are 
trying to kill.

I think (2) is the best course. It "mixes" differently, but in a 
stricter direction.


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