Google indexing code patterns (Re: lexical for-in/for-of loose end)

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Tue Jan 31 03:20:48 PST 2012

Google's code search allows searching for regular expressions. Perhaps that
could be useful.

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On Jan 31, 2012 11:41 AM, "Herby Vojčík" <herby at> wrote:

> Erik Arvidsson wrote:
>> I agree with Brendan, I think we can get rid of the initializer even
>> for for-in with var. The only code I've seen that uses this is in ES
>> test suites.
> Just an idea. Google crawls over the whole (crawler-accessible) web. That
> means it is indexing a _lot_ of .js files out there.
> I saw questions like the one above appear more times on this list. How
> often is [insert-your-own-quirk] used / is it used ever? Code files are of
> defined structure, unlike people-written documents. If Google would be able
> to index code files with some added information that allows to search in
> that structure, it could yield important information about usage patterns
> of this or that programming language.
> Herby
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