Google indexing code patterns (Re: lexical for-in/for-of loose end)

Herby Vojčík herby at
Tue Jan 31 01:41:36 PST 2012

Erik Arvidsson wrote:
> I agree with Brendan, I think we can get rid of the initializer even
> for for-in with var. The only code I've seen that uses this is in ES
> test suites.

Just an idea. Google crawls over the whole (crawler-accessible) web. 
That means it is indexing a _lot_ of .js files out there.

I saw questions like the one above appear more times on this list. How 
often is [insert-your-own-quirk] used / is it used ever? Code files are 
of defined structure, unlike people-written documents. If Google would 
be able to index code files with some added information that allows to 
search in that structure, it could yield important information about 
usage patterns of this or that programming language.


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