Let's kill terms "native" and "host"

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at wirfs-brock.com
Mon Jan 30 10:51:42 PST 2012

On Jan 30, 2012, at 10:19 AM, Mark S. Miller wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 1:25 PM, Allen Wirfs-Brock <allen at wirfs-brock.com> wrote:
> Here is a first cut at some improved terminology:
> ECMAScript Object - an object whose primitive semantics are specified by the ECMAScript specification
> Foreign Object - an object whose primitive semantics differ from those specified by the ECMAScript specification
> Can we get rid of the concept of "Foreign Object" entirely, and just treat all the objects we have in mind (e.g. DOM nodes) as "Built in proxy objects"?

Possibly, but my gut says that is a step too far for this iteration of the spec. If we could, then we could also get rid of all internal redefinition of the internal methods and replace all chapter 15 objects specifications with Proxy based definitions.  It may be possible, but I'm worried that we don't yet understand reflection upon proxies well enough yet to expose the built-ins in that manner. It also it clear to me whether proxies are yet power enough to accomplish everything that is currently done with "host objects".

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