Let's kill terms "native" and "host"

Wes Garland wes at page.ca
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On 30 January 2012 11:56, Allen Wirfs-Brock <allen at wirfs-brock.com> wrote:

> this was part of what I was trying to get at in using the phrase
> "application level semantics".  The distinction really isn't very different
> from object created via object literals (or any other standard mechanism).
>  They clearly are ECMAScript objects but because they have arbitrary
> properties defined by the application they are not "standard objects".

So, a good example here would be E4X objects?  (Ignoring that E4X is a
standard, let's pretend they are engine vendor bolt-ons).  They have
behaviours different from standard ES objects; the first one that pops to
mind is that is possible for two E4X objects to be == but not ===.


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