Deep cloning objects defined by JSON.

David Bruant bruant.d at
Sun Jan 29 10:23:28 PST 2012

Le 29/01/2012 19:05, Peter van der Zee a écrit :
> Why can't we define a JSON.clone() or .deepClone() which would only
> clone properties that are primitives, object or array. If they are
> (instanceof) array, copy index properties and length value and create
> new array with that information. If object, create new object and copy
> all properties with the same restrictions as before.
> I suppose another discussion is whether you'd want/need to copy
> property attributes as well. For me, for at least JSON.clone, I would
> be happy with just a clone of the primitive value of a property.
> In other words, I think a JSON.clone would work as if the structure
> was first serialized to a string. The serialization would drop any
> value or property that's not primitive, object or array. Objects and
> arrays are serialized to [] and {} notation. For arrays, only index
> properties are copied (so not even length or other properties). The
> resulting string would then be deserialized by JSON.parse. Of course
> the serialization doesn't need to happen internally, but I think hope
> that makes it clear what I mean (drops all weird stuff from structures
> like getters, setters and attributes).
Based on your description, it seems that the definition would be:

JSON.clone = function(o){
  return JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(o));


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