Read access to [[Class]]?

John-David Dalton john.david.dalton at
Sat Jan 28 21:02:15 PST 2012


>> A host object is an "object supplied by the host environment to
>> complete the execution environment of ECMAScript."
> Sigh. This came up last time as well, and as participants in the spec
> writing process our only excuse was "That text isn't normative". That
> doesn't really excuse it from being so wrong that it leads people into
> endless confusion. If ES6 does keep the current terminology, we must at
> least fix or remove this confusing text.

JavaScript was my first language so I don't have the pollution of
Java-isms to confuse me.
I can only go by what's spec'ed as I lack the inside info ;)

Native object:
Built-in object:
Host object:

I should stress that the technical category of the object is less
important to me.
I really just wanted to +1 allowing objects like `window.opera` to
continue to have `{}` results like `[object Opera]`
under ES6.


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