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> Under the open issues for Quasi Literals,
> , the
> topic of nesting is brought up.
> After implementing Quasi Literals in Traceur it is clear that
> supporting nested quasi literals is easier than not supporting them.

+1000. Quasis as originally proposed had no such restriction. The Unicorns
example at <>
is I think fairly representative of what will become a common kind of use
case -- unless we cripple quasis. I would be interested in seeing what this
code looks like when refactored to live within this restriction.

In E we have quasis that are somewhat similar and somewhat different. But
we make much use of the ability to place arbitrary expressions within the
dollar-hole, including nested quasis. I think our quasis as well should
allow any expression. The issue is not just nested quasis.

> What is the argument for not supporting nesting? Can we resolve this?
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