Read access to [[Class]]?

John-David Dalton john.david.dalton at
Sat Jan 28 11:33:48 PST 2012


> I probably need to be more explicit about host objects and add another step
> just before step 5
> If O is a host object, let tag be an implementation defined string value.
> The value may not be "Array", "Boolean", "Date", "Error", "Function",
> "JSON", "Math", "Number", "Object", "RegExp", and "String".

+1 for less complex solution and a continuation of the pre-ES6 wording.

> Also, the definition of Host Object needs to be tighten up to make it clear
> that an object is only a host object if it has some "magical" behavior.

-1 magical.

> Finally, window.opera is really just a normal object it could use my
> proposed private name based mechanism to set its toString tag.

-1 for the more complex option.


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