Read access to [[Class]]?

John-David Dalton john.david.dalton at
Sat Jan 28 11:27:24 PST 2012


>Is there something magical about the behavior of this object itself?

For kicks the "magical" bit would be its awesome pre ES6 internal
[[Class]] value.
Can we leave "magical" out of a spec convo?

> Note that just because the object itself is non-standard and provided by the
> host does not make it a host object.
A host object is an "object supplied by the host environment to
complete the execution environment of ECMAScript."

Seems like the `opera` object falls into that description. I mean it
could be a "built-in" if supplied by the ECMAScript environment but
that's beside the point. I really just want the wiggle room that ES5.x
provides for [[Class]]/flags/tags/brands.


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