Read access to [[Class]]?

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Sat Jan 28 04:02:27 PST 2012

Is the window.opera object in fact a host object? From the documentation at
<>, it seems the
only magic behavior is in its methods, not in the object itself. Is there
something magical about the behavior of this object itself?

Note that just because the object itself is non-standard and provided by
the host does not make it a host object.

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 1:15 AM, John-David Dalton <
john.david.dalton at> wrote:

> I noticed in the ES6 draft it states that host objects *do not* have
> the [[NativeBrand]] internal property.
> I think "do not have" should be reworded to "are not required to have".
> This would allow existing inferences like
> `{} == '[object Opera]'`.
> - JDD
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