Modules: meeting the need with minimal change

Kevin Smith khs4473 at
Wed Jan 25 06:50:18 PST 2012

I'm sure it's been considered, but since this is es-discuss and open to any

Has it been considered that, regarding modules, all that developers need is
(1) a way to inform the engine, at compile time, that certain external
scripts are needed, and (2) a way to return a value from a script?

I have a bunch of experience with CommonJS modules and module loaders
(having written a couple myself), and have yet to see a case where anything
more than this is required.  In fact, for my own work I use a system very
similar to a subset of AMD and have found CommonJS's "exports" and "module"
variables to be unnecessary.  I have yet to see a case where a design that
includes a circular dependency could not be improved by eliminating the
circular dependency.  Taking a (very) unscientific sampling of Node.js
packages, I see most of them just returning a value via the "module.exports
= " idiom.

The proposed module system is really nice; kudos to those working on it.
 But might not a small change to the language, as described above, serve
the community just as well?  Would this small change not be easier to learn
and easier to adopt?

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