Shouldn't timers be specified?

Brandon Benvie brandon at
Sat Jan 21 21:59:16 PST 2012

Sorry to spam this thread but I wanted to get the relevent points in up

'Actually, wait a minute -- I think I disagree with you here. WHATWG
specifies the specific event queue of the browser. Node.js has its own
event queue. Others may as well. The unofficial agreement of JS has always
been, no matter where you embed it, it should never have pre-emption. So
what we would be specifying is the rough concurrency framework required of
any JS embedding. In other words, it would be a more abstract specification
of event queues, of which WHATWG event queues are a valid implementation.'

Spec the unofficial agreement, including the minimal(/maximal if it exists)
time constraints, and go from there. This is needed.
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