Block lambda is cool, its syntax isn't

Herby Vojčík herby at
Sat Jan 21 01:58:47 PST 2012

François REMY wrote:
> About the 'fn' proposal, I'm happy with it. Asking a 'use' statement
> just for that feature may prove a little excessive but if it can be
> merged with other can-be-breaking syntax reforms ('use es6'), why not.
> But, seriously, what really makes it impossible to use # or @? Those
> would have no compat issues, would require no header. Even if @ would be
> used in private-name, it would be in a completely different context.
> It's like the SQL guys who used '%' as wildchar [and may have used *].

True for @, but not so for #. The latter is used to specify freeze. That 
is, you probably can write #@(x) {x+1}, but ##(x) {x+1} would be ridiculous.

> François


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