Block lambda is cool, its syntax isn't

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Sat Jan 21 01:34:27 PST 2012

About 'ƒ': on my keyboard, there's no way to type it. I have to use ALT+its 
UTF8 keycode, and it doesn't work in all programs. BTW, since the default 
file format on Windows is not UTF8, expect many developers to use ISO-8859-1 
for their JS files. Personnaly, I use Notepad++ which allow me to use UTF8 
as default encoding, but I don't expect all devs to do that.

About the 'fn' proposal, I'm happy with it. Asking a 'use' statement just 
for that feature may prove a little excessive but if it can be merged with 
other can-be-breaking syntax reforms ('use es6'), why not. But, seriously, 
what really makes it impossible to use # or @? Those would have no compat 
issues, would require no header. Even if @ would be used in private-name, it 
would be in a completely different context. It's like the SQL guys who used 
'%' as wildchar in LIKE strings because '*' was already used as a shortcut 
in the SELECT operand; those use of the '*' symbol were completely 
orthogonal, and it would have been possible to allow both.


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On 21/01/2012, at 02:34, Axel Rauschmayer wrote:
> how about ƒ (which has been mentioned many times)? It seems very 
> appropriate and is even easy to type on a Mac (easier than square brackets 
> on a German keyboard!).

setTimeout( ƒ () { ... }, 1e3)
setTimeout( `() { ... }, 1e3)

setTimeout( ƒ name () { ... }, 1e3)
setTimeout( `name () { ... }, 1e3)

ƒ name () { ... }
`name () { ... }
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