Jan 18 meeting notes

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.org
Fri Jan 20 13:06:38 PST 2012

> Isaac Schlueter <mailto:i at izs.me>
> January 20, 2012 1:00 PM
> On behalf of Node.js, thank you. This is the right call.

On behalf of old Unix people, thank us -- and you! :-)

> FWIW (ie, not much), I'm personally 100% ambivalent about 0O and 0B.
> 0O is less visually distinctive than 0o, and caps support isn't really
> necessary.

See second day notes:

Revisited octal/binary constants.
Waldemar: Note that we currenty allow both upper and lower cases for a, 
b, c, d, e, f in hex literals as well as e in exponents and x in hex 
literals.  Breaking symmetry by forbidding upper case for b and o to 
avoid lookalikes would be "nanny language design".  We can't forbid 
lookalikes anyway:
   let y = 3;
     let у = 7;
     return y;
This is a valid ES6 strict function body that returns 3, of course.  The 
second let defines a local variable named with a Cyrillic letter.

Decision:  Allow upper case B and O to start binary or octal literals.

> Nr### is not really necessary. Programming happens primarily in bases
> 2, 8, 10, and 16. (And 64, but that's mostly just for serializing.)
> If we have 0b, 0o, 0x, and the default base 10, then that's plenty.

Everyone agrees -- woohoo!


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