shortcut for private(this)

Herby Vojčík herby at
Thu Jan 19 09:58:56 PST 2012


I think private itself could be used as a shortcut to private(this). It 
may look for example like this:

class Foo {
   leq(other) {
     return private.weight <= private(other).weight;

It is not unprecedented, there already is a keyword that represents this 
as well as other object in a strange manner (super). So private can also 
be such a word.

I don't see any grammatical/parsing/syntanctic problems with this for 
the moment. Maybe you find one.


P.S.: Since it is very similar (and works everywhere, not 
only in constructor), it may be though of to remove 'private foo = bar;' 
in constructor in favour of ' = bar;'. But it is only sort of 
afterthought. Also, 'public baz = moo;' could then be changed by simple 
'this.baz = moo;' to make code in constructor more akin to code used 
everywhere else.

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