Multi-line quasi literals

Luke Hoban lukeh at
Thu Jan 19 23:11:12 PST 2012

One of the valuable use cases for quasis that we've discussed is multi-line string literals.  It was just pointed out to me that the current proposal page mentions an open issue which calls into question multi-line string literals and the exact semantics of them.  This is in "Line Continuation and Line Terminators".

The concern raised there is about trailing whitespace at the end of lines, and in particular issues related to source control and end-of-line escapes.

My feeling is that:
a) Multi-line string literals are important and should be supported in quasis.
b) Trailing whitespace should be allowed and preserved.   It is a useful for quasis to be "as literal as possible".

This came up in side conversation at the TC39 meeting today - wanted to send mail to see if the open issue can be resolved.


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