Block lambda is cool, its syntax isn't

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Playing devil’s advocate: The main benefit of having a function shorthand in addition to block lambdas is that minimizers profit from it, right? For the use case that you showed, I wouldn’t mind at all to type the slightly longer "function". I most mind function expressions as parameters (for, say, Array.prototype.forEach) where lambda blocks are perfect.

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> Yet they are cases where a block lambda isn’t suited and where a ‘classic’ function is just too long to type (and would hurt performance as well). Look back in the thread for a sample. (Mainly: cases involving a ‘return’ in a loop or in a nested statement can’t be solved well using block-lambda).
> Block lambda is not the solution since it wasn’t written to solve the cases where we traditionnaly use a 'local function’, but to solve new use-cases where we want our function to continue to run inside a function structure, or asynchronously. The old cases where we use “function() { ... { ... return; } ... }” are not covered properly by block lambda, nor are intended to.
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> FTR: With block lambdas and object literal extensions, I wouldn’t want/need a function shorthand.

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