Jan 18 meeting notes

David Bruant bruant.d at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 01:15:37 PST 2012

Le 19/01/2012 02:27, Waldemar Horwat a écrit :
> Brendan: Kill typeof null.  Replace it with Ojbect.isObject?
What would be the semantics of this?
Object.isObject(null); // false
Object.isObject({}); // true
// so far so good :-)
Object.isObject(function(){}) // ?
I'd like to advocate "true" for the last case. For now, the best way to 
test if something is of type Object (as defined in ES5.1 - 8.6, so 
including function) is to do "o === Object(o)" (an alternative being "o 
!== null && (typeof o === 'object' || typeof o === 'function')", which 
is rather long and I have not seen much) which is a bit hacky and not 
straightforward to read for those who are not familiar with this trick.
If an Object.isObject is introduced, I'd be interested in seeing it 
covering the 8.6 definition.
Or maybe introduce another function for this?

> Use __proto__ in object literals to do a put (assuming that a 
> __proto__ getter/setter was created in Object.prototype) instead of a 
> defineProperty?  All modes or only nonstrict mode?
> Allen: Make such use of __proto__ to be a synonym for <|.  If a <| is 
> already present, it's an error.
> DaveH: __proto__ is ugly.  Don't want it in the language forever.
> Waldemar: What about indirect [] expressions that evaluate to 
> "__proto__"?  In Firefox they evaluate to accesses that climb the 
> prototype chain and usually reach a magic 
> getter/setter-that-isn't-a-getter-setter named __proto__ that sits on 
> Object.prototype.
> MarkM: Likes the ability to delete __proto__ setter and thereby 
> prevent anything in the frame from mutating prototypes.
> Waldemar: How do you guard against cross-frame prototype mutations?
With a bit of hope, this is not in use in the web now. One idea would be 
that no __proto__ is defined on  otherFrame.Object.prototype, and the 
frame would need to negociate with its parent to get the __proto__ 
setting capability.
This may break the web if currently there is a website which opens 
iframes which relies on __proto__.

> DaveH: __proto__ is in the "omg, what were we thinking" category.
Seriously! :-)


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