Better Native XML Support

Grant Husbands esdiscuss at
Tue Jan 17 10:30:22 PST 2012

Russell Leggett wrote:
> If you desperately need it, you should be able to make a library for it, and
> then if you need the extra syntax, add an extra compile step

I was simply making sure everyone was on the same page as regards e4x
and was making suggestions to try to bridge the gap. I don't need it
myself, though I imagine the "you" there wasn't necessarily aimed at

> I'm not saying its an insignificant effort, but it seems fairly
> straightforward. The standardized grammar for it is defined as an extension
> to Ecmascript after all.

Though source to source processors are a source of significant
friction (complicating build and debug), this would indeed be
something for the community of e4x supporters to consider. Hopefully,
the right people will see this thread.

I think that assignment into quasis may yet be useful, but perhaps it
doesn't belong in this thread.

Grant Husbands.

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