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James Burke-5 wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 10:33 AM, Mariusz Nowak
> <medikoo+mozilla.org at medikoo.com> wrote:
>> The point is that there are two ways of thinking of modules, first is
>> fine
>> grained, when you care about DRY then your modules are rather small, it
>> means that with AMD you would need to load hundreds of such modules
>> asynchronously it wouldn't work even in dev environment.
> This is provably false. You normally do not need hundreds of modules
> to build a site. 

I wasn't theorizing, I was talking about real applications that are already

James Burke-5 wrote:
> *But more importantly*, harmony modules also seem to be designed to
> allow a separate request for each module. So your dislike of that
> attribute will not go away with harmony modules. Harmony modules may
> not need the function wrapper around the code as AMD does, but the
> network request behavior will be similar to AMD.

I think Harmony modules have more in common with CommonJS than with AMD, and
transition from CommonJS will be easier than from AMD. See slides 86-89 from
http://www.slideshare.net/medikoo/javascript-modules-done-right (it's
presentation I've done once on local Warsaw meetup)

Of course Harmony will allow you to load each module separately, but with
default syntax I understand it will work synchronously, I'm not sure we will
do that for large number of modules. For asynchronous loading you may use
dynamic loader which I think would be great to load bigger module

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Mariusz Nowak

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