Re: ES6 “modes” and user-friendliness

Axel Rauschmayer axel at
Tue Jan 17 02:01:13 PST 2012

> But in practice, strict mode can fade away as a transitional concept from ES5 that, while still spec'ed and implemented, doesn't get used much in practice. Modules carry the torch of ES5-strict and take it even further, and become the actual "mode" that gets used in practice, both because it is a useful feature independent of the language cleanups in carries with it, and because it doesn't require a noisy opt-in pragma.
> So the language has 3 modes in the spec, but in practice only 2 that matter.

One more question: Is there an opt-in strategy should a version after introduce breaking changes? That might be something worth planning for. Presumably modules will make it easier to encapsulate this kind of change.

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