Block lambda grammar: BlockArguments

Herby Vojčík herby at
Mon Jan 16 05:14:31 PST 2012

Thank you, it helped.

It is the fact that in ES up till now, {} block were always delimited by 
a keyword (if/else is probably the only case when two blocks were 
present). So it is not a bad idea to retain it.

The problem with this is, one can put arguments in normal parentheses as 
well as paren-free and keywords are only needed in paren-free 
scenario... nevertheless. I have an idea. What if this would be allowed:

function myIf(cond, ifBlock myElse elseBlock={||}) {

that is, to allow to separate formal argument names with keywords, not 
only with commas (again, there can be some restriction like only first 
few ot last few can be separated this way, so it conforms the overall 
goals of the grammar).

Then, one could write (well, never mind now if it needs currying or not, 
it is not a topic now):

myIf(a>b) {|| doThisIfAWins() } myElse {|| doThisIfBWins() };

but also (since elseBlock has default value)

myIf(a>b) {|| doThisIfAWins() };

and of course, it still can write

myIf(a>b, {|| doThisIfAwins() }, {|| doThisIfBWins());

though it is a question if it would not be more consistent to do:

myIf(a>b, {|| doThisIfAwins() } myElse {|| doThisIfBWins());


Brendan Eich wrote:
>> Herby Vojčík <mailto:herby at>
>> January 15, 2012 1:24 AM
>> "Nothing is going to match Smalltalk on this. Keyword parameters are
>> not even on the map because object literals suck the oxygen out of the
>> room. And then you'll want to get rid of the || for empty block
>> parameters."
>> ===
>> Sorry for this question, it is more a meta one. The paragraph above
>> seems too dense for me to digest (and I thought my English is pretty
>> good). Would it be possible to explain a little more? Like what is
>> meant by "going to match"
> "be as good as" Smalltalk.
>> and what is "this" in "on this;
> "on keyword selector syntax".
>> and things like "not in the map"
> No strawman or even idle chatter about adding keyword parameter passing
> to JS.
>> , "o.l. suck the oxygen out of the room", and the last sentence, too.
> We have discussed here and in TC39 how {key: val} actual parameters in
> the language already (object literals) remove most of the justification
> and almost all motivation for adding key: val parameter syntax to call
> expressions.
>> Thank you, Herby
> Hope this helps.
>> [ did you know you quoted cca 50 screens? 8-O I took the liberty of
>> omitting them. ]
> I'm using a new mail user agent and it does tend to overcite. Sorry,
> will try to fix.
> /be

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