Block lambda grammar: BlockArguments

Brendan Eich brendan at
Sun Jan 15 23:41:53 PST 2012

> Herby Vojčík <mailto:herby at>
> January 15, 2012 1:24 AM
> "Nothing is going to match Smalltalk on this. Keyword parameters are 
> not even on the map because object literals suck the oxygen out of the 
> room. And then you'll want to get rid of the || for empty block 
> parameters."
> ===
> Sorry for this question, it is more a meta one. The paragraph above 
> seems too dense for me to digest (and I thought my English is pretty 
> good). Would it be possible to explain a little more? Like what is 
> meant by "going to match"

"be as good as" Smalltalk.

> and what is "this" in "on this;

"on keyword selector syntax".

> and things like "not in the map"

No strawman or even idle chatter about adding keyword parameter passing 
to JS.

> , "o.l. suck the oxygen out of the room", and the last sentence, too.

We have discussed here and in TC39 how {key: val} actual parameters in 
the language already (object literals) remove most of the justification 
and almost all motivation for adding key: val parameter syntax to call 
> Thank you, Herby

Hope this helps.
> [ did you know you quoted cca 50 screens? 8-O I took the liberty of 
> omitting them. ]

I'm using a new mail user agent and it does tend to overcite. Sorry, 
will try to fix.

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