Block lambda grammar: BlockArguments

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Nothing is going to match Smalltalk on this. Keyword parameters are not even 
on the map because object literals suck the oxygen out of the room. And then 
you'll want to get rid of the || for empty block parameters.

Sorry for this question, it is more a meta one. The paragraph above seems 
too dense for me to digest (and I thought my English is pretty good). Would 
it be possible to explain a little more? Like what is meant by "going to 
match" and what is "this" in "on this; and things like "not in the map", 
"o.l. suck the oxygen out of the room", and the last sentence, too.

Thank you, Herby

[ did you know you quoted cca 50 screens? 8-O I took the liberty of omitting 
them. ] 

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