Octal literals have their uses (you Unix haters skip this one)

Axel Rauschmayer axel at rauschma.de
Thu Jan 12 12:57:53 PST 2012

> If we were willing to add octal with a clear prefix I would be fine with that, for consistency with hex, I'd lean towards 0o<...>, but I'm open to any suggestions that people may wish to add.  Personally I'd also like a binary form, a la 0b....

+1 to both. Then we have three kinds of non-decimal literals, for example: 0b1011, 0o732 and 0xFFFF.

For long literals, Java has started to make "_" as a separator legal, that would be nice to have, too:
     let aLotOfMoney = 120_327_756_228;

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