Octal literals have their uses (you Unix haters skip this one)

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.com
Thu Jan 12 12:57:06 PST 2012

No, let's not "do everything". That's a bad way to make standards.

We should acknowledge that octal is used in JS today and it'll die hard 
in certain quarters. I don't think this was considered carefully when 
the decision to ban octal in strict mode was made.

If we want to support octal in strict mode, we can certainly ban crazy 
noctal (08, 09). If we choose to prefix, we should pick one prefix (and 
it should almost certainly be the same one in Python, Ruby, and 
CoffeeScript: 0o). Binary is plausible (0b), but after that I see no 
need for arbitrary-radix literals.

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